travel shot.

gettin ready to travel...looks like we'll be heading to asia after august. no set plans...still searching for what and where we want to do and go.

before the break

i forgot to post some images before i broke my collar bone. i'm still shooting just designing more...i'll have images soon : )



these are from the dr. dog concert. i highly reccommend seeing them. they are phenom.

here's a new one.

we got a new client that i am very excited about. the non-profit is called "Live the Dream Foundation" and they supply disadvantaged children worldwide with sports equipment. they specifically wanted orange and black colors. and so did the last client i posted about (excuses for orange overload). i'm really learning alot about photoshop and how to design eye-catching sites. i'm learning that your bag of photoshop tricks is very important. i haven't gotten any images yet for this client but when i do, i plan on making them an integral part of this site. i like how right now i'm learning more about design. soon, i'll be learning something else that will help me as a media manager. but for now, it's design and i like it : )


design like the masses: blend and bend.

snow responsible for sun's inspiring superiority

i've updated the website, if you couldn't tell. i'm moving towards a more focused, focus. i'm applying for teaching jobs overseas, mostly indonesia. i'm moving towards the goal of international non-profit media management work. have been my whole life.

what is advocacy journalism? most people define advocacy journalism as journalism that decidedly takes a certain viewpoint thus straying from the traditional journalistic nuance of non-biased news coverage. some advocacy journalists have always held the idea that to be completely un-biased is impossible. i'm of that thought. and i'd like my life's work to have meaning and purpose. simply put, i want to use my skills to help others. 

if i teach (which i find challenging, exciting and equally rewarding) for a year in a brilliant country, i hope to:

one. learn the language (at least conversationally)

two. experience a fantastic culture

three. freelance for a non-profit i am in tune with and expand my non-profit portfolio 

four. save money

five. help some little ones learn a little more about english

six. after all is said and done i'll be one more step closer to an international non-profit job 


car appeal

two new clients at work...still workin on the racing site. this is just the beginnings. i'll post a finished one. the truck man loves his site. and im happy he's happy. he asked for red white and blue. and professional. yippee. 

a lil biz

started this biz card for teddi, me coworker and companion.



i broke my collarbone 5 weeks ago. as you read this just know that i plucked each letter out finger by finger. how do you one finger typers do it? the good news is that i got a job right before i broke my collarbone. i'm officially a project manager for a design firm. unofficially, i do lots more. like these logos, web designs and other fun design stuff:


mostly we get craigslist clients - which means they dont have grands to spend. so we end up turning over 4 or 5 sites a week. most of our clients already have an idea of what they want or a logo. sad day. and sometimes i have to follow commands like: "i want blue, green and mountains." it's not easy...but i am learning alot. and designing with one hand (the left handed mouse) is not easy or exciting.

this next one is for a guy who sells quilts...we're in the beginning stages. i offered three versions of this layout. he chose the red one. not my first choice but what he wants is more a flashy, exciting, bright website. i'll post the final site when it's done. 

version 1 of 3:

this is the one he chose:

more to come...for now i'm healing my clavicles, creating websites. ill take it.



website management

i just finished this website for Ben Haugland. it was a birthday present from all of his friends. i think it turned out nicely.

check her out! and Ben too, he's good.

this is where i live. kinda.

my first (tee) time (exercise)

z went golfing the other day and i was on cart duty. it was really nice being outside all morning. i hit a couple of balls but i really just enjoyed trying to make an interesting picture at every hole. i came out with some winners.


i was editing my wedding photos and i found this little gem. i like doing weddings. they don't bother me. and i love finding an image like this out of the lot of normal-ish images. it's like finding a lucky charms marshmallow in a whole box of wheat thins. 

end of the world

there was a 2,000 acre fire in boulder. we could see it from the interstate...

ace jazz

shot some musicians the other night. had fun shooting. we go to this bar in fort collins alot called Ace Gilette's. it's pretty swanky. i shot this for the pianist who is getting a surprise birthday website from his friends...hope he doesn't read this.

my room

sara can decorate! who'd of thought...

the top two images are of a corner in our room. i found an antique desk that folds out and put z's old typewriter and my globe on it. i spent 5 dollars on frames from a thrift store..super cheap and easy wall art. 

the second row is a little project i just finished. it's old scraps from an amazing shop downtown just pasted to foam core. i paid 5 dollars for the scraps. 

and the bottom left image is my door desk. so excited about it. i bought an old door from habitat humanity and filled the top recesses with old postcards from the 70's. then i bought used glass and had it cut down to the sizes of the recesses. for the legs i used old kitchen and bathroom cabinets. the door cost 20; the glass was 20; the cabinets were 20 and the postcards were 5. i have a dream desk for only 85 that i made...exciting. 


overdue goodbyes | hello new life

mostly i left amazing people back in kentucky. my family at Julia's house, my Tichenor family, my school friends...and i left a brilliant state packed with natural beauty that the culture perfectly mimics. i'm so happy i spent as long as i did learning kentucky. here are a couple of images i took right before i left...bye bye kentucky. i love you and all your happy people. see you soon.


 finally made it to colorado! zach played tennis with our couchsurfing friends. so thankful they let us crash at their house...we lived on people's floors for about a month until our house was open on august 1. it was fun being a vagabond but i'm having too much fun decorating my house now...(will post pictures soon).



here's to the start of a new life with a new love in a new place. happy and full.


good friend John Edmonds records a new gospel album with good friend Zach. 



break down

coffee column

shot these for Spencer's Coffee House. the owner, Justin Shephard has a coffee column in the SOKY happenings magazine. this particular column is about Matt Westbrook (pictured) who came to Spencer's on a date and his date ended up marrying a guy she met while on a date with Matt.