pro trek

still in the design process : )



monkey temple

monsoon collective

i did this for Sattya. we have a workshop coming up and the people and group we're collaborating with are called the "Monsoon Collective." so i made a monsoon out of the design.

i'm also really trying to move past my CLEAN design. Sattya really doesn't love the clean approach, so i'm learning to do it differently. merge and fold. merge and fold. 




a growing culture farm visit

Web Designs II

hariyo chowk


space cake



madwire designwire

sattya designs

auspicious or religious?

re-growing organic culture in nepal

the last american wedding

two weeks before i depart for nepal, i shot a wedding for Rich and Anna Holsten. good times. good people. love all around...

dashain (kathmandu's best)

i'm moving to nepal. i got a job. it doesn't seem real just yet. being paid to live and work in a country i adore is a dream come true. and it's a non-profit job. unreal...more soon on that happiness. 

for now, i'll celebrate what i love and those i love around me. 

i like shooting weddings.

i had the fantastic opportunity to shoot a wedding for a dear and wonderful person. my coworker and friend, cheyanne. if you know me, you know i used to be a christian in the strictest terms. i broke free of those chains about 5 or 6 years ago. ive learned more alot about religion in those 6 years than when i was a christian, especially my personal religion. i have a hard time conversing with christians because i know where they're coming from, especially when they don't really listen to my point of view. i used to do the same...pray while theyre talking, not really listen to them, as if their story would steer me from the truth i knew in my heart - that this could be false, everything i had built my life around. ken harper got me thinking. that and a book called Blue Like Jazz...christianity can be different. Cheyanne proves that fact to me. she shows love and understanding, the real kind. i see a realistic christianity in her, one i could come back to one day. one based on love.

thank you cheyanne for loving me. 

it's just a bird. 

and i promise to post more soon. i'm shooting a wedding this morning. i've been doing 2 websites a day for 3 months now...lots to post! woot.


i'm now working with the happy and talented Becci Ames as a second shooter. gonna be fun! 

take a look at her work. And check out her plug about me : )


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